Switch Buddy is compatible with a wide range of switches. Most managed switches will be usable with Switch Buddy as long as they implement some or all of the following RFC’s:

  • RFC 1213 – Management Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP based internets: MIB-II
  • RFC 1286, 1493 – Definitions of Managed Objects for Bridges
  • RFC 1155, 1156, 1157, 1441-1452 – SNMP related RFC’s

If you would like to test your switch for compatibility before purchasing please download the Compatibility Test tool from the Downloads page.

The following table is based on actual test results both performed directly during Switch Buddy development or the Compatibility Tester’s submitted results.

ManufacturerModelsSupport LevelUser Submitted Result
Interfaces and Untagged VLAN Support (no trunk information yet) [1]No
Cisco300 SeriesOnly InterfacesYes
Well SupportedNo
HP1810GOnly Interfaces [2]No
HP5400 Series
Layer 3 models
LinksysLinksys Gigabit-SwitchSupportedYes
[1] My access to Cisco switches is limited. The testing performed shows basic vlan membership details, trunk port will not have any VLAN details. If you can provide help with testing for Cisco devices please contact us via the Support Page.
[2] This particular switch is in the cheapest of HP’s managed switch line. Therefore the switch does not provide a fully functional SNMP stack of information.